Sky City - finished drawing

Thanks everyone for your interest in this drawing. I appreciate all your likes and comments. I just wanted to go through my creative process for this drawing. My first step was drawing the sketch of the drawing. I use a black felt tip pen and have a large A3 Visual Diary that I'm using to draw my sketches on. Once the sketch is completed I take a photo of it and import it into Autodesk Sketchbook. I then clean up some of the lines.

I then added some under layers to add texture. I wasn't really sure at this stage what colour I wanted to use for the hills and I was experimenting with a few different variations.

I coloured in the bicycle tires at this point and also started blending some of the colours. I was trying to get a gradient effect but I wasn't that convinced I liked the result.

I ended up erasing the sky and water and here I filled the sky with a gradient fill and added some texture to look like clouds in the background.

Having learned from painting the sky and getting an effect that I liked, I copied what I was doing for the sea. I experimented some more and got an interesting wavy effect with the sea which I quite liked.

I finished the painting side of things by thickening the black outlines and also blending some of the white outlines so they didn't look so prominent. For example, I did quite a bit of work on the clouds trying to blend the dark greys up to the white at the top.

After finishing the painting, I wanted to add a little poetic description at the bottom of the drawing so I wrote the quick-phrase in white just under the sea level. Thanks again for being part of my creative process. Be sure to check out more of my designs at

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